Rainy Daze | Water Play for Children

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

If you know anything about South Florida Summers, you know we experience some extreme heat, humidity, & rain showers all season. Team GNR chooses to find opportunity and benefits to all that each season provides. So how are we making the most of this rainy season?

The Power of Play…

  • Setting-up a mud kitchen in our outdoor space has been a great way to embrace the elements. With just a cutting board, a few old pots, pans, and utensils; we’re encouraging our little ones to make mud pies and mix potions with all the lush greenery sprouting up with our daily showers.

  • Puddles perhaps? Lightning and thunder withstanding, we’re not so quick to head inside when the rain comes. Splashing around with bare feet has been a sensory treat for all ages and an easy way to beat the Summer heat.

  • A good rainstorm brings all sorts of critters out for exploration. Take advantage! Bug scavenger hunts and journaling are favorites of ours.


Rainwater collection is an easy system to set-up and a great way to live a little greener. This project could be a family affair from research to implementation! There are a wide selection of barrels available online. Many counties also offer workshops on rainwater collection and provide resources for ordering barrels at very nominal fees.

How are we using our rainy day water supply?

  • Watering our garden

  • Washing cars

  • Cleaning our grill after an evening BBQ

  • Water-play sensory station

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