The Tiny & Mighty Seed

Have you ever thought about the magic of a seed? These little pieces of nature truly are legendary! Seeds are very much our future, just as much as they are our history. Think of all the things that would not be possible without them… Would we have food? Wood for shelters? Our ancestors knew the importance of seed preservation and sharing. Fortunately, these practices are on the rise again. Let’s review 3 key points in the importance of seeds, and then we’ll share ways to get involved.

Photo by: Miguel Á. Padriñán

Our Bodies

Adding seeds to our diet is nutritious & delicious! They contain healthy fats, important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Our History

Seed saving and sharing is a beautiful practice that promotes ancient foodway traditions and lessens our consumption of colonized/industrial foods.

Our World

Climate change and industrial farming continue to shrink plant diversity, but with our help… collecting and saving the seeds of rare, endangered "heirloom" vegetable varieties, we can be part of the solution for future food security, species conservation, and the preservation of natural resources.

Photo by: Kim van Vuuren

Calling all Seed Warriors!

As many of us around the country start to prepare our gardens for the Winter, Autumn is an ideal time to harvest, store, and share your seeds. There are many organizations and library systems that already have seed-sharing programs in place. is a great place to start. Research your area and see what’s available. Or start your own! Host a seed swap in your community. Remember friends, “To plant a seed, is to believe in tomorrow!”

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