The StOry

It is clear that children’s literature still lacks inclusivity and the presence of diverse characters exploring outdoor recreation, despite its lifelong benefits.


Parents and educators agree that diversity in children’s media is important. They wish to see more representation, including characters that better reflect today's modern families.


The growing urgency for environmental stewardship makes it critical that young readers see themselves and the impact they can have, on the world and within their communities.

Our Roots

Vanessa, a wife, and mama of three grew up fishing, gardening, and exploring local parks with her family in Florida. It wasn't until she had children of her that she really took the time to slow down, observe, learn and become more involved in her community.

A lover of books, and cookies, Vanessa saw that many of the stories she read to her children were missing- something and she set out to do something about it. Using her love for nature, artistic thumb, and yerning desire to learn and share her cool findings with others, Vanessa set out to start GNR Magazine. 


 Bridging the environmental learning gap for culturally diverse families who are curious and ready to use nature as a learning pad. 

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 Founder Vanessa Miot